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LEGO Grandfather Clock

You can find them in almost every household you walk into as it’s hard to miss. Beautiful and elegant in its appearance, the grandfather clock is a stunning accent piece.
There’s a reason they’ve been around for over 300 years. There one of the few 16th century pieces that are still around today.
I’ve always found it fascinating to watch the pendulum swing back and forth throughout the day. And the melodic chime when the minute hand strikes 12 is nothing but delightful.
All these factors and more lead me to design my rendition of a classic grandfather clock. I wanted to make sure I captured an iconic look that everyone would be able to recognize.
The model stands at an impressive 60cm (22in). This will surely be big enough to capture anybody’s attention and will be a great conversation piece. 

This is my second LEGO Ideas project, and more are to come.

 Huge thanks to those who support.
Have fun building!

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