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Modular Building - Mayor's House


Here is a modular building for all of you modular building fans.  It is a house which I envision as a grand residence or perhaps as the Mayor's House of your modular Lego town. The building itself is 24 studs wide, but is build upon a 32 x 32 stud baseplate. This allows for a side garden area contained by a fence along the street and a side garden wall from front to back. This allows for the technic pins to attach to your modular street.

The garden includes plants, path, and an arbor. An optional version could use a 24 x 32 stud baseplate that doesn't include the side garden, to make it more of a row house design.

The house is raised from the street level, and fits quite nicely with the townhouse and pet shop modulars. The ground floor has a sitting room, entry, dining, pantry and kitchen. The 1st floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is designed as a model, more than a playhouse. So the spaces are smaller, but more realistic. The main bedroom has a fireplace, and the bath has a toilet and sink and bathtub. The sitting room has a very nice stained glass window, with many colors.

The roof has a skylight over the stairs to lighten up the interior. There is also access to the basement area through an access door in the rear.

Please peruse the photos to get an idea of how grand this model is, and what a great addition to your modular street it could make. Thank you for your generous support.


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