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X - TORO (AI Mech)


I've always made MOC Lego sets for personal enjoyment, but I thought that this one was a little bit more special than all my others. I wanted to share it and, hopefully, you all will enjoy this design as much as I do. 

This mech is super Poseable and very sturdy on the base. 

I brainstormed and invented a backstory about this character as I was building it.

The following is what I had come up with:

"A single REMOTE-MECH from a large Future Space Army force known as the CLAN of the WHITE BULL. Controlled remotely, each unit has a pilot stationed on the Mothership. All Mechs must remain within the range of the Mothership for the pilots to maintain operational control. If separated from the Range of the ship, they switch to a simple homing autopilot, which can be unpredictable, to say the least.

...This is the beginning of one such rogue AI journey. Lost and left long behind, the call of the Mothership is gone, and the AI is free to drift, slowly warping and evolving his uniqueness in the endless sea of stars."

GEAR: sword, laser-machine gun, 2 pipe bombs (on hip), power thrusters on shoulders and heels.

NAME: X-Toro


thank you for taking the time to look at my creation!

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