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House by the Railroad, Painting by Edward Hopper


House by the Railroad, painted in 1925 is one of renowned artist Edward Hopper’s most famous paintings. Today, the original can be found at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

With my version “Lego House by the Railroad” I ensured that every detail was kept as close to Hopper’s original as possible. Building the shell and matching the right proportions was the first challenge. The roof was the next adventure. The painstaking process of assembling the round and inverse parts, corners and window frames took ages.

Luckily LEGO has an endless selection of parts that I could choose from to find the perfect piece for any particularly tricky place.
Once this was completed, I added the windows. I loved this part! It was fascinating and a real challenge to re-create the ornaments and it gave me a huge sense of achievement once completed.
Please have the attention to such tiny details as the chimneys and the little shed on the rear side.  Naturally, the railroad embankment is also a part of the LEGO version.

As an artist Edward Hopper used light and shade effects in his paintings. This distinguishing characteristics of his work was also important to convey in the LEGO model: the 3 dimensional model casts shadows equivalent to the painting in oil and canvas.

There are endless possibilities for LEGO Fans. They could combine the house with creator-sets, minifigures, the city train, friends and so on. 
Edward Hopper fans can build their own ‘painting’ with this set.
The model consists of approximately 1250 bricks. It is 40 cm high, 35 cm long and 27 cm wide.
I hope you like this creation and would like thank you very much for your support.

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