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Paint Waterfall

My product idea is paint fall. This model is mainly consist of 2 sections, top and beneath. At the top section, three colors, red, blue and yellow comes out from each sections and they are mixed at the middle. Then many colorful paints made by these three paints comes out from the hole at the middle and fall down. I wanted to create decorative waterfall made of stone, so I used 1×1 round and flog pieces to represent decoration, and I used grey color bricks to represent stone. At the beneath section, colorful paints has accumulated. By using 1×1 round and 1×1 slope pieces, I expressed splash. Two white mini figures on each side represents sculptures.
I made this model because at first, I wanted to make something colorful and unique model. In addition to that, I like architectures made of stone. By mixing colorfulness and stone architecture, I created this model. I believe it would make a great set because there is no such colorful paint fall set. By seeing it from many angle, you will feel the flowing of paint and due to colorfulness, you will never get tired of seeing this model.
I hope you like it and consider voting for my model!

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