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Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf's Castle

-With Mingles's and Ragaru's Legend of Zelda projects having not passed the review, I knew I needed to keep ideas flowing. Based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I present Ganondorf's Castle!

Hyrule is in ruin, and Ganondorf has captured Zelda and taken her to his castle. Now it is up to Link to save her! Battle through the dugeons and head up to the tower to confront Ganondorf!

Hop on the rocks to avoid falling into the abyss and battle the Stalfos! Then take the Hookshot! (Not pictured.)

Use the Hookshot to grapple across the lava and take the key from the chest!

Use the key to open the door inside the tower! Climb the stairs and ladder to reach the organ and Ganondorf himself! Watch out for the falling platforms! If you lose some health, break one of the jars for a heart.

Here are the minifigures! From left to right: Link with sword and shield, Zelda with Ocarina of Time, and Ganondorf with sword. For the Master Sword I chose the sword used by the knights in the "Knight's Kingdom (II)" series. I thought LEGO could easily paint the handle blue.

Thanks for viewing! If you want to see The Legend of Zelda become a set, create an account and support! Oh, and a big thank-you to WipeoutZone and his fantastic renders!

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