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TV21 Comics Genesis of Evil

Build the Dalek Emperor as seen in the TV21 "the Daleks " comic strips.

As most Whovians know, the Fourth Doctor story " Genesis of the Daleks "  is the actual account of how the Daleks were created. however, before the TV serial was made, TV21 century gave a different account: a neutronic war raged on skaro between the Thals and the humanoid Daleks. the Dalek war minister, Zolfian told a Dalek scientist, Yarvelling, to build an arsenal of neutronic bombs that they would then detonate in the hope that the Thals would be wiped out. But a meteorite shower caused the bombs to go off too soon, releasing massive nuclear fallout that all but devastated the planet. Many years later, Zolfian and Yarvelling step out onto the surface, only to find no other survivors, Thal or Dalek. But then they find the war machine that Yarveling built. it commands them to build more. The new Daleks are born.  

(this description is based on what I can remember from the comic. certain things may be left out.

Set includes:

* War torn Skaro Diorama

*  Zolfian and Yarvelling minifigures 

* Minifigure stand (This will be updated in the future)

*  TV21 Dalek emperor

how this would work:

The Dalek emperor would have the same design of the new lego daleks, but with a larger ball/globe for a head. the Humanoid Daleks would have sticks or weapons as you see here. and there would maybe be a sticker with a sky full of stars and the rising sun. and also a fallout shelter that would be built into a hill. there also could be a Dalek production line/factory.

this model was made with LDD (Lego digital designer) 

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