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Micro Castle by the Sea


This castle is a small display model that can be built by most LEGO builders. This set would contain around 300 pieces and has many eye-catching features such as​:

  • Keep
  • Gatehouse
  • Exterior Wall
  • Elevated Walkway
  • Turrets (Lots of Turrets)

 The set has been designed to be strong and possibly playable (with some use of the imagination), but the primary function is to be aesthetically pleasing and to give an example of what a castle could look like in the LEGO world.

This model is not based on any one castle, and incorporates some features unique to this model (such as the elevated walkway between the Gatehouse and the Main Castle). The idea is that the fortification on the stone island is very well protected from any enemy intruders, and that there is lots of space for a lord/duke/baron and his soldiers to work and live.

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