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The Icebreaker


The icebreaker is a special-purpose ship designed to move through the ice-covered sea. This special ship kind clears paths by pushing straight into the ice with the strong hull and ship weight. Therefore, the icebreaker must have a strengthened hull and high power to pushing through the sea ice.

The earliest icebreakers were made by wood and moving by man-power. Later on, the ship hull became stronger and powered by machine power. Steam-powered, diesel-powered, to nuclear icebreakers nowadays. The icebreakers become more and more efficient in polar exploration.

The icebreaker I built is in small size, instead of just showing the ship itself, I want to give it a feeling of movement. So I built a scene of ice-covered sea, to show the ship breaking up the ice and moving forward.

Hope you like it and give it a support. Thanks!

Total 241 bricks.


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