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Mechanical Flip Clock


Halfway there!

Thanks for the incredible amount of support you gave to this project. It has already made it farther than I could ever anticipate, and it's all thanks to your votes. I can't quite believe the numbers I'm seeing! I wanted to do something extra to express my gratitude, so below is a little video of the clock being tested for accuracy against a real clock - this is something many of you wanted to see, so while it's not exactly the world's most exciting video, I hope it will satisfy your curiosity.

Also, please remember that the remaining 5,000 votes will be trickier to get than the first 5,000 because majority of the people who are most likely to visit Ideas and support this project have already voted. So please share this project among your friends and among whoever might want to build a LEGO flip clock if you want to give it a chance. Thank you!


One third of the way there!

Big thanks to all supporters for giving this project so much love. I honestly never expected it to get a third of all required votes on less than 2 weeks. It's an amazing feat and it's your achievement alone. Also big thanks to the Ideas team for being so kind as to give this project a Staff Pick.
Let's keep going, only 6,667 votes to go :)

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