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Smurf´s Pitch

Welcome to this Smurfs´pitch!

This set is built on 32/32 plate. There is a football pitch and tribune with a roof. There are three benches and stairs. There are five Smurfs in this set sitting on the tribune and holding difrent things. Another two Smufs there are on the football pitch which contains lines and two nets. Of course there is a ball.

I made this set because LEGO company has not worked up Smurf's topic what is really a loss. Since LEGO company and Smurfs both originated in 1958 and s urvived up to the present days it would be brilliant if this Smurf's LEGO would become reality.  
The set is built of 390 bricks.
[IP: Smurfs created by Pierre Culliford (PEYO)]

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