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Having been a longtime fan of the Yogscast and their videos on Youtube, I loved the idea of a Yogscast Lego set, and the entrance to Yoglabs seemed like the perfect setting.

Welcome to Yoglabs! Nothing to see highly secretive pigu experiments, faulty coffee machines, maniacal robots, cloning vats or anything of the sort!

Set based on the entrance to Yoglabs, from the Yoglabs video series produced by the Yogscast. Yoglabs is a hidden underground facility where various testing is performed by Xephos and Honeydew along with their robots and scientists. Most of the time however, Honeydew is the guinea pig of these experiments, whether he knows it or not.


-Honeydew minifigure with helmet and pickaxe (for diggy diggy hole'ing)

-Xephos minifigure with sword and torch (he can never have too many torches after all)

-Yoglabs vault door (can swing open)

-Leaky pipe (completely safe, nothing to worry about!)

-Path to door

-Flowers and apple tree

-575 pieces


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