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Ship of Theseus

The Ship of Theseus is a famous thought paradox in ancient philosophy. It poses the following question: "Suppose the Ship of Theseus is an artifact in a museum; over time, its planks of wood rot and are replaced one by one. When no original plank remains, is it still the Ship of Theseus? If the old planks are then reconstructed, is the reconstructed ship the Ship of Theseus? Some say both are the true ship; some say neither is the true ship, but which one is it?"
This paradox has made a resurgence due to several appearances in pop culture, but it also is a timeless question that is sure to puzzle philosophical thinkers. With this project, you now have the possibility of turning this famous paradox into a LEGO display model in your home.
This project comes with two versions of the Ship of Theseus – worn and pristine – and both ships split into three compatible sections each. This allows you to gradually replace each segment of the ship. The project also comes with a display stand for you to proudly display your LEGO Ship of Theseus in your home.
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