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Green Eggs and Ham

If you have a pulse, you've read Green Eggs and Ham. The 1960s classic is one of Dr. Seuss's most famous works. The book was created as a challenge by his publisher to write a book that used only 50 unique words, a far cry from The Cat in the Hat's 256.

This model features a variety of iconic scenes from the book:

The main focus is the train and railroad that encompasses the scene. While traveling the rails you can visit such characters as the mouse in the house, fox in the box, and goat and the boat. 

Sam-I-am's car is also included. It features enough room to fit as many characters as in the book. The train cars even have some studs open on the top so you can take the car along for the ride.

The characters included are Sam-I-am, the unnamed main character (yes, he wasn't even named in the book), the train conductor, the ship captain, the mouse, the fox, and the goat.