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Team RWBY's Dorm Room


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"We could ditch the beds... And replace them with bunk beds!".

From RoosterTeeth's "RWBY" (created by Monty Oum) comes Beacon Academy's newest group of Huntresses!

This little diorama recreates the dorm room where the girls stayed while they attended school, down to the unsafe looking bunk beds!

Blake and Yang's bunk bed is suspended by a few tiles representing the books while Ruby and Weiss' bed is a bit more out there... but I suppose there's worse ways to make a bunk bed than raising the bed off the floor with a few ropes.

Included in the build are a few references from the series. From Yang's "THE ACHIEVE MEN" poster, Blake's "Ninjas of Love", Weiss' framed picture of Forever Fall, and so much more!

Also included is the shipping tube sent to Yang and Ruby by their dad containing tons of can dog food and Zwei!

All 4 members of team RWBY are included in the set as well.

-Ruby Rose (comes with her cape and a buildable Crescent Rose)
-Weiss Schnee (comes with Myrtenaster and a Glyph Magic Circle)
-Blake Belladonna (comes with a bow or cat ears and Gambol Shroud)
-Yang Xiao Long (she has her gauntlets Ember Celica printed onto her arms, and has an alternate "Burn" face and power blast pieces)

RWBY premiered on July 18, 2013 and is currently about to start its 9th season in Fall 2021. With 106 episodes and counting there's a lot of fans out there that would love to add these epic girls into their collection! And with tons of fun looking characters, monsters, ships and locations this series could totally get a few more sets down the line too!

*Ruby Rose in LEGO form drawn by me*.

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