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GX-9901-DX 'Double X' Gundam



January 19 2014: Full revision of the model's frame to eliminate all possible friction, tolerance and assembly issues. many improvements have been made on the overall design of the model to use newer, more standards parts currently available.
[ 3D model link via Sketchfab: ]

October 12 2013: Uploaded full 3D model on sketchfab for everyone to see!
[ 3D model link via Sketchfab: ]

October 9 2013: Changed render color scheme and added Satellite canon system details


The story behind this model is interesting:

This model is actually my latest and my oldest at the same time: I've been playing with Lego ever since I can remember and have always loved watching Japanese animation mecha series, out of which the Mobile Suit Gundam saga was a favorite.

Years have passed, I grew up, and here I am now making Lego models using my computer via LDraw/MLCad/LDView assisted design suites. ^.^

The model:

The 'Double X' Gundam was actually one of my first attempts at creating a virtual model and mastering the way to do so, by testing revamping and modifying the design using the bricks I had available at the time and the knowledge I managed to accumulate on this fantastic toy: this was in early 2000...

Eversince, I've made many more robots, Armored Cores, other Mobile Suits, Veritechs and other various japanese animation inspired mecha.

At some point, I got displeased at the way things had turned out to be for this model: I decided to scrap it and rebuild the whole thing from scratch using all the new cool and interesting parts that Lego had developed along the years, dumping some old, or unavailable ones and applying even cooler build concepts that I had come up with and learnt along the way.

Being an all-time Lego fan and an Industrial designer, I pride myself in making models that keep to the true Lego standard: playable and pose-able all time round. ^_^

No matter what the outcome of this project entry, I still feel I've accomplished much in taking the time to show you my design, and hope, that somewhere, somehow, it struck the curiosity in you to maybe cast a vote and see what happens.

In the meantime, I leave you to judge for yourselves about this creation, using Sketchfab's online 3D WebGL gallery, to view this model, in real-time 3D through your favourite browser.

The page to do so and access the build is located at this address:

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or appreciation as much as you can, and please, do not forget to support this idea as it can lead you to maybe see many more similar Gundam models ( which you can also see through my online 3D Lego portfolio at: )

Thank you and happy voting!

Wireframe - Just for fun ^.^

Deployed satellite canon system

Back view comparison (Open / Closed) - Left side

Back view comparison (Open / Closed) - Right Side

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