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Lions Club


Hello! With this MOC I would like to propose a typical building of the Turin city in style Reanaissance and Baroque. Someone would ask me why.

I can answer thagt in this city there are the most beatifull italian historic buildings of this two style. You will not find the most beatifull or similar, so i want create one to share it with all of you.

I'd like to point that the building here reproduced does not exist in reality. It's fully born from my mind, anyway it reflect the style.

While i was making, i liked the idea to turned into a provate club a little 'snob, for example, the Turin headquarters of the famous worldwide LIONS CLUB. A place for gentlemen only, where they can have a cup of wine, champagne or just a coffe, spending their free time in friendship with others members.

The palace is divided in three floors. Of course you can easly detach to look inside or play with minifigures.


It is the most elegant room. Nothing is left to chance, it is a place for the riches. You'll know watching the ancient armor located on either side and the large adjacent windows. Take a look around. The curtains adorns the hall perfectly. The floor is richly decorated with polychrome majolica. The hanger are not common, but in gold with the ability to store even umbrellas. The paintings havevaluable frames. What about front windows? The front frame is madeof processed wood and rounded by expert artisans. The glasses are colored mosaic. If you observe them carefully, in the first you'll recognize the letter S, while A in the second. Those are the initials of my daughter, Sofia Aurora.

Here you will find a wonderful bar counter made curved. There is a possibility to hang the glasses and bottles on it. There are many stools for those who want to spend time with bartender. Artificial lighting is applied to the counter.

There are no normal stairs to access the upper floor, but triumphs a spiral staircase with handrail finely worked.


First of all, here you will notice anew design of the tiles of course. This is the billiard room. There are two very old and treasured. Obviously there are racks of ribs, count game timers, some benches and a sofa.

There is a niche in which is positioned a low shelf, wiche could contain some books and above may retain the trophy.

Here you will also find the bathroom, equipped with modern technologies in hygiene standards: pedals for the faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer. The toilet roll is no lacking and neither the tablet or toilet brush.


This is the friendship room. Here the gentlemen can play cards or just sitting or coversing; there are six tables and twelve chairs to do this. Most reserved of this mancan also reading a good book or wacthing a football game on tv. Although it is a mansard roof, it is a very bright room, because three walls of four are sorrounded by windows. Under the windows, there are shelves and drawers to store boocksor palying cards. There is still a sofa in front of tv and a cupborad in a very old wooden, which reigns over the room. I had talked about the tiles? They are the most beatifull of the whole building with their drawings of various shapes, arranged diagonally.


It is the triumph of Baroque. There are a few simple bricks. Everything is a decoration, because the buildong should not go unnoticed. Anyone who walks past you have to stop to admire it. The front door is quite simple, but it is embellished by arches that hold hidden from the viewof passersby. Even the sidewalk outside is decorated as you would expect. As it is right that it should be, there is even decipted the head of a lion, after all it is or nota LIONS CLUB?


Here is the master Renaissance, although it is slightlypollutted by Baroque and you can ascertain by observing the details taken from the front wall. I liked the idea of applying two crossed halberds on both walls, just to give a more masculine tone to the whole. The big windows on the bottom are clearly Renaissance. I can assure you, it was not easy to achieve them exactlyas they came.


In conclusion, i can assure you that it will really fun to follow the instructions of this set.

It is a set that would buy the collectors, but also lovers of the beatifull buildings of the series CREATOR EXPERT. It will loved even by master builders, because the predominant colour is TAN, much used by them. I have also used the most coveted by AFOLS pieces. There are, also, definitely a thousand TILE of the most used colors. I'm sure the AFOLs couldbuy many sets.

Thank you for readingand thanks for your eventual support.

Giuseppe Fraccalvieri

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