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Wilderness Lodge


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LEGO Modulars are fantastic, no argument there.  They accurately capture the hustle and bustle you would find in any city.  But sometimes it's nice to get away from that noisy, crowded world - wouldn't you say?  For a get-away like that, there's nothing quite like a stay in a lodge far away from everyday life.

That's when the fully modular Wilderness Lodge comes in.

The 2600+ piece lodge is equipped with everything your minifigures will need for the perfect vacation: a large couch with a flatscreen TV, a quaint little corner table with beautifully sculpted wooden chairs, and twin armchairs in front of a toasty fireplace for chilly nights.  And who could forget about the classic mounted deer head on the fireplace?  Nothing can quite beat that.

All you need to do is click "support," and you just might find yourself with a brand new vacation spot for the citizens of your LEGO City!

And if I don't have you convinced by now, perhaps some high-quality photos of the lodge and its surrounding will win you over.

Below is an proof of the lodge's fully modular design, with separating roof, upper floor, and lower floor.

Time for some interior shots!  Lets start with the lower floor, shall we?

The upper floor is complete with a rustic fireplace and a mounted deer head - a must-have for any lodge or hunting cabin.  In addition, there is also a quaint little garden on the balcony!

And finally, a special up-close view of a lone deer and a cleverly constructed pine.

Well, there you have it folks, I believe I've covered it all!

All that's left is for you to click the big blue "support" button and fill out the little survey, and we are another 1/10,000 of our way to success!

If you chose to support, terrific!  Thank you!  Even if not, thank you anyway for taking the time to view my work.  And as always, keep on building everyone!

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