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Lego City Park .


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Welcome to the Lego City Park. This set is built on 4 interchangeable base plates (though it will be one set), so that you can customize the layout of the set. Are you ready for a Lego day out at the park?

The four baseplates are; a pagoda, a playground, a soccer field, and a family having a picnic

The Pagoda: The pagoda was what started the set for me. I built out of Lego bricks one day and I decided that it was so good that I should put it up. Underneath the pagoda is two benches, and it is surrounded by some trees and flowers. There are three paths leading onto this baseplate.

The Playground: The playground is fairly simple, with a slide, a fireman's pole and a swing. It is built on a sand-box, and has a picnic table nearby. There are two paths leading onto this baseplate.

The Soccer Field: This soccer field is for a junior league team. It has wide goals, and a central square. There are two paths leading onto this baseplate.

The Picnic Area: The picnic area is a grassy area with flowers around the edge. I have put down a picnic blanket, and there is a wide range of food for the people too eat. The children have bikes, a basket ball, and equipment to play stud-tennis. There are four paths leading onto this baseplate.


The Minifigures: there are 25 minifigures in this set. They are:

The Pagoda: There is two minfigures (a mum and a son) with the pagoda, along with a dog.

The Playground: The are five minifigures with the playground, two mothers and three children.

The Soccer Field: There are eleven minifigures with the soccer field, an umpire, three children on each team, two coaches/dads, and two mums.

The Picnic Area: There are seven minifidures with the picnic area, three children, two parents and two grand parents.



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