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Missile Mayhem

When you first look at Missile Mayhem, you might think that there really isn’t much there. If you did, you’d be dead wrong.
This destructive vehicle is rigged with two long-range missiles hidden underneath the hood. Along with, a small trunk, and a couple of long, distinct, white stripes along the top. In the interior, this car has two Minifigure gun compartments, behind the driver and passenger seats. A nice and detailed dashboard, along with a bottle of soda. (of course). when you remove the roof of this car, you can transform it into a fancy convertible.
One weekend, I thought to myself, "There really aren't that many awesome LEGO cars out there, let alone ones rigged with missiles." So, I set to making my own missile car. It was a long and hard task, but eventually, I reigned victorious.
I hope you like this design.

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