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Let’s Go to the Garden!


Let’s show our children the fun and simplicity of gardening! With my project set I want to convey the experience of playful learning to all families. My little LEGO building fits into young children’s first sets and on an empty parcel between modular buildings too. The aim of my set’s playful functions is to inspire a real gardening discovery.

Growing strawberries with schoolmates

It is really great to see teachers with vocation who educate children to a healthy way of living. Especially when a class has a seed-bed in a public garden and looks after strawberries together every week. My project set can be a marketing tool for public gardens. We can explain to the parents, too, the essence of public gardens with the help of this LEGO set… And the classmates – due to the motivation of the sweet taste of strawberry - come to know the simplicity and gorgeousness of gardening. (And they can harvest the delicious strawberries before the summer holidays.)

"You are what you eat!"

A garden of your own is the safest source for vegetable and fruit. We harvest what we planted, there is no need to be suspicious. The outstanding taste of the freshly picked herb and the inimitable taste of the tomato from your own garden convince everyone! You can make your own kitchen garden in a day’s work if you dig up a part of the lawn or you can buy some planter-box if you only have a balcony.

Start it with your children today!

I want help to inspire families with this little LEGO set. That little tin roofed cabin and the sample seed-beds can be built from 372 LEGO bricks. A little minifigure family is included in the set. You can change the hair of the child minifigure to look like boy or girl. 


  • Tin roofed cabin with set-up, bird feeder and garden tools. You can make jams and sauces inside from fresh produce.
  • Garden tap. It’s nessesary for regular watering.
  • Cherry-tree. (Pay attention: Every child loves the cherry-pit spitting competition!)
  • Pattypan squash-bed. We have record harvest this year!
  • Tomato-bed with stakes.
  • High-bed for growing carrots. 
  • Herbs-bed for the great lunches with inimitable tastes. 
  • Wood-cutting tools. We need the firewood in the stove. We work hard for good foods, or not?

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Please share this project set, if you have some friends who are interested in gardening and healthy living!

Thank you!

Challenge! Find the small details!

I hide some little gags and things in the set. Write a comment, if you find them there!

  • One dropped bean-seed germinated last week at a place where the ground was wet all the time.
  • Which seed-bed has a fresh mole-hill?
  • We don’t drop the yard wastes into the garbage can. Where is our little compost box for that?
  • We need a pruning shears for tomato pruning. Where is it?

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