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Fishing Hut With Padellone

Hello Everyone,

I want to present my latest creation with LEGO bricks called "Padellone di Marina Romea". This typical structure can be found in the "Po Delta Park" and more precisely in the Valleys of Marina Romea in Pialassa Baiona. This fishing hut with Padellone (typical balance net used by fishermen in the valleys, lagoons or river areas of Emilia Romagna) can easily be found during the countless excursions inside the Po Delta Park.

Here, I wanted to represent a typical shed characterized by its entrance door with ladder, an internal area consisting of a bed, a mini kitchen with sink and hob with pantry, a central table and a small stove to warm up during the cold winter days. On the front, there is a small walkway with a jetty that leads to the Padellone itself, where the fisherman can operate the descent or ascent of the net into the water and check the catch. The roof is deliberately lived in and antiquated. I also tried to recreate the setting that surrounds the shed itself, that is the typical valley area with its vegetation and some typical animals (you can see two marsh owls, two small frogs, a mouse and a snake). Around the shed, there is the typical boat to move in the water and a box with work tools. Another more decentralized fisherman is focused on his fishing.

I hope you like the creation and manage to best represent one of the most suggestive and relaxing areas, in my opinion, of our areas around Ravenna. The whole is made on a LEGO base measuring 32 x 32 stud. Thank you all. If you like it, please Support and Comment. 

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