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Star Wars chess


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    This is my first Lego Ideas project so I hope you like it!

  I was trying to make chess pieces that looked like the actual ones but I had a hard time doing that, so I decided to make Star Wars chess! The special thing about this chess set is that it's the Droid Army vs. the Empire. For the droid army the Pawn is a Battle Droid with the backpack from episode 1, the Rook is a Security Battle Droid, the Knight is a Pilot Battle Droid, the Bishop is a Super Battle Droid, the Queen is General Grievous, and the King is Count Dooku. For the Empire the Pawn is a Storm Trooper, the Rook is a Death star Guard, the Knight is a Tie Fighter Pilot, the Bishop is a Royal Guard, the Queen is Darth Vader, and the King is the Emperor. The reason I put plates on the front of the chess pieces is because I think it would cool to have the name of the piece and character printed on it. That's it for now so don't forget to support it!

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