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A Ghost Ship - Monster Fighters

  • It is the never made LEGO Monster Fighters set everyone has been desiring! This floating undead warship is bad to the "bone". Literally, It has bones all over it's 3 floors.
  • The first and lowest is the lower deck. This part of the ship is where the creepy monsters feast. There are barrels for storing food and cups to drink with. Just because there dead doesn't mean they don't need to eat! 
  • The second level consists of an old jail cell. The undead don't use it anymore so its infested with spiders and rats. There's even a spooky skeleton! But in the back of that horrifying dungeon lies a chest full of treasure waiting for someone brave enough to go in there and claim it. Will it be you?
  • Finally on the third level one will find the captain's quarters. His personal room is equipped with a wooden desk and wooden chair. He also has a pen and ink to write important mail to other zombies. From there he keeps an eye out for any trouble (like humans). 
  • The whole boat is designed to look spooky with glow in the dark "drapes" hanging over the windows and creepy bone railings (so the zombies don't fall off of course). It's also outfitted with a few skulls and a band of zombies. They aren't the smartest and maybe not the best crew but in large quantity they get the job done.
  • Now knowing everything about this vessel... Will you set sail with the crew? (SUPPORT) or will you sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? (not support)
  • NOTE TO READER- I am an avid fan of Lego Monster Fighters and I've been waiting for them to make a set like this since the theme came out. Since they didn't, I took it upon myself to make it. Im sorry for the way the pictures are but I used LDD because I don't have enough pieces to make my own version of this at home. I edited the pictures so they would be at least a bit more presentable than they were before. I hope you guys will support this so LEGO will make it. It's just an idea and LEGO can make it happen but only ONLY if you support this! So click that button right now and make this idea/ship float like it never did before

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