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RobotObe & Kat


Hello! We are RobotObe & Kat. I , RobotObe , come from a distant planet on the edge of the universe. Many millions of years ago i visited the planet earth where i left to graze some domestic animals. Today there are no more and many things have changed. Arrived here i met Kat and since then we are inseparable companion of adventures. Given my white giant hand , she decided to wear a white glove and so we have our distinctive sign. Kat loves what you call music and never separates from her radio. Well . Let's start our adventure here with you !

A Lego set for adults and children focused on the emotional part and the bond that is created between people. Placed around the house can be a nice set to remember everyday life acts or to make small jokes to relatives and friend , or simply face all the adventures that the little ones desire. Given expressiveness and the ability to put it in more positions can only capture your simpathy !

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