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The R-1000 Walking Fortress

A giant machine walks onto the battlefield, the thumping of its gigantic legs slicing into the ground heard from miles around.
It's size and reputation strike fear into anyone trying to defeat it.
It is...The R-1000 Walking Fortress!

In the somewhat near future, engineers will design this formidable machine. This all-terrain war vehicle will be one of the most feared war machines of the future!!
In reality, the idea of legs in machinery is quite complex, and off-roading wheels and good suspension will usually work just as well. But they don't look nearly as cool! If this becomes a set, you'll be able to get the best parts of the idea, the looks, and not the worst parts, the cost and impracticality.

This design is made up of 1,190 pieces exactly. It is approximately 43 studs long, 42 studs wide, and 20 bricks high. That's about 13 inches long, just over 1 foot wide,  and approximately 7.5 inches tall.

If you want this on your shelf or in your hands, please hit that support button and tell your friends or post something on social media about this if you can! (I would say more but most of what I want to explain is in the attached pictures so look at those if you haven't already)

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