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The Adventures of John Beakster and George Huntington: The Tomb of Anu'Tumin

Welcome to the Adventures of John Beakster and George Huntington where John and George go on crazy adventures. Inspired by adventure serials and Indiana Jones these fellow adventurers must face booby traps and a mummy to figure out the mysteries of Anu'Tumin. Swing across the spikes with George's whip  and admire the great architecture of the tomb. But be careful the mummy might awaken from his eternal rest to protect what is his.  I used scarab shields and lion head to give the tomb a little flair as well as spiders and their webs and scorpions. I also used some tomb covers because of their owl and pharaoh designs to give the walls some flair as well. 

I built this being a fan of Egypt, Indiana Jones and the Mummy and adventure movies and wanted to make my own adventure story so this set was born from all these thoughts. I also built it thinking we don't have any adventure series sets since Pharaoh's Quest. All these thoughts of mine all churned in my head creating the Idea of the Adventure's of John Beakster and George Huntington: The Tomb of Anu"tumin. 

I believe this will make a great set because it reintroduces the adventure series genre to LEGO, it has spiders and webs, traps to get across and a mummy that you must evade. 

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