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Lady Gundam

A new Custom mobile suit: Lady Gundam! Dressed in a Lady's atire,and carying the worlds largest hammer, Lady Gundam is a perfect mix of beauty and strength! She glides gracefully about the battlefields gently upon her magnificent wings, gracefully pounding anything that moves into a pancake with her bound-hammer. Lady Gundam doesn't fight for anything as noble as the colonies, earth, or revenge. She fights with a broken heart, and wishes only for an end to the sorrow of others, just as her long lost prince would have wished.

Lady Gundam's wings, wrists, fingers, arms, elbows, shoulders, legs, ankles, feet, and even her dress, all can be moved into variable poses. Her legs have sturdy clicking-hinges so she can stand on her own, while her arms have ball-joints for maximum arm-movement. Lady Gundam's face-shield opens to reveal her true identity, and her ankels open to reveal hidden thrusters. Lady Gundam also features fold-out swarm-pods on her shoulders and missile pods beneath the folds of her dress. New updates to neck and shoulder hinges coming soon!

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