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Save the Endangered!


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Why I built this

    Animals all over the world are perishing due to pollution, habitat loss, climate change, over hunting, and much more. Ocean animals are also dying from oil spills, dicarded equipment (such as fishing gear ect.), plastic (many sea animals view it as a food source, but can't digest it, so unfortunately even though these Legos are saving animals, other Legos may be doing the opposite), and over fishing. The point being, we need to save the planet's animals before they all go extinct, and this is my tribute to that cause. If this becomes a real set, more and more people could become aware about what is happening to our animals, so that they know they could help the creatures of the world just by doing something simple like not littering. If everybody helps the animals, then we could save many animals from extinction. Click Here to learn about different wildlife organizations.

My model

    This model is a model of a Siberian Tiger and a Giant Panda holding a banner that displays the text "SAVE US!", with other endangered species and a sign announcing that World Animal Day is October 4th.

    The Sea Turtle and the Whale represent all the species of Sea Turtles and Whales, since there are so many different species of them that are endangered, but I can't include them all. the Whale's tail is smaller than I would have liked, but I didn't have enough room to make it bigger. The Giant Panda, in fact, is not endangered anymore due to decades of work, and is now on the 'Threatened' list. I have still included it, however, to show what we can do if we work hard on these animals.

    This model features twelve (unfortunately not all :-C ) of our endangered creatures, which include;

  • Siberian Tiger (Right)
  • Giant panda (Left)
  • Black Footed Ferret (Left - In front of Panda)
  • Saola (Left - Behind Panda)
  • Indiana Bat (Middle - On banner)
  • Sea Turtle (Left - In bay)
  • Sea Otter (Right - In bay)
  • Pangolin Manis (Right - Hanging from sign)
  • Whooping Crane (Right - In front of Tiger)
  • Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (Right - Behind Tiger, Hive hanging from sign)
  • Dhole (Far Right - In front of Tiger)
  • Whale (Middle - behind banner)


Building Tecniques

   I have done many different things to make this sturdy and look good that I wanted to point out incase this does become a real set. I put a cross axle inside the trunk of the sign, used gold bars for the Saola's ears, used shield pieces for the wings of the Crane, eye pieces for the Tiger's ears, a 1x1 brick with 4 side studs make up the body of the Bat and the base of the tail for the Dhole, the Panda's base is made up out of bricks with studs on both sides so that the back and the belly are built separately. The Ferret clips into place because his legs are really 1x1 plates with a bar, giving it a leg effect when clipped onto the model. The banner is easily removable because the Panda and the Tiger are attached to it with a 2x2 round tile with single center stud. The Saola's head can swivel because it rests on a 2x2 tile with single center stud.

    Unfortunately I am unable to show more pictures of my model due to the fact that ever since the recent update my pics won't load all the way, except for my main image. If I can, I will add more pictures in a update, and if I can't do that then I will try to add them in the comments.

   So please support this, and if you like this, or think I should add/change something, please comment.

                                                              Thank You!

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