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Toy Story Racers

This was the first in my series of themed racers, a set of race cars based on one of my favorite movies, Disney/Pixar's Toy Story! All the toys are having a race to see who is the best toy!

This whole idea started when I was browsing the internet recently, I came across a picture of the old Toy Story Racer videogame, and immediately I thought "Hey! That's a great idea for a Lego project!" And so, I started building little 4-wide race cars for my Toy Story minifigs. In the videogame, all the race cars were just color variations of RC, which was pretty boring in my opinion, so I went for a more go-kart style design in order to create kind of a Mario Kart feel. I was careful not to use the same design twice so that every racer is unique. The only Toy Story character who doesn't have a kart is Bullseye, but he doesn't need one since he can "ride like the wind" already. ;-)

This set includes 15 racers. Each racer follows a standard of 4 studs wide and about 8-10 studs long and each one is designed to reflect its driver's theme and personality.

While Buzz's Racer has the usual Star Command color scheme, the colors of Woody's racer is based on the cowboy themed stuff that can be seen all over Andy's room in the first movie. Woody's racer is the one that was most inspired by the videogame.

Here are Hamm and Rex in their beastly racers! While Rex's kart has the features of a dinosaur, Hamm's is a big slice of ham on wheels. :D

Even the villains from the Toy Story films are joining the race! Since I don't have any magenta colored bricks, I thought it would be neat if Lotso's racer would be a mini version of his dump truck. I had to remove Zurg's lower body (and cape) and replace it with a different piece in order to be able to seat him in his racer.

Lotso has hired his goons Chunk, Stretch, Twitch, and Truck Driver to help him win the race! Pictured here is Chunk's racer which has the same spikes and rough edges as he does. Also, by popular demand, I have added a mini version of RC to join the race as well!

Please support, follow, and share so that this can become a set!

Let the race begin! To infinity... and beyond!

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