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Stake-Out Steak Delivery Surveillance Van


Order now! a Steak Dinner with a side of espionage! 
Introducing the Stake-out Steak Delivery Surveillance Van! for your lego city
filled with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, in a non-suspicious everyday looking regular delivery van!

Why a ordinary boring van? so that criminals wont suspect anything while you spy.
Hide in plain sight as you thwart those evil doers! 

unfortunately, this van does not come with weapons because its for spying only. However, it does come with a variety of cooked steaks which you can use to defend yourself against the forces of evil! 

Comes with:

  • 2 Law Enforcement Agents 
  • Spying essentials like binoculars and radios
  • High Tech Equipment (laptops and radar) table for spying
  • Cooked steaks (not shown in picture i didn't have a lego steak piece)
  • a Van with 4 wheels

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