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Chambered Nautilus (1:1 Scale)

          Chambered nautiluses are one of the largest living Nautiloids, and also a living fossil. Their iconic spiral shell is instantly recognizable, and, since they were alive at roughly the same time, the nautilus gives us a pretty good guess as to the anatomy of Ammonoids. 
          So here I have finally made a life-sized LEGO version of a nautilus. This, like my LEGO ammonite, has been something I have been trying to do for years, without much success in making it realistic. This set has two main sections; the nautilus, and the stand. For the nautilus, the eyes can be moved a bit, and the cirri (the nautilus equivalent of octopus arms and squid tentacles) can be moved around in a very lifelike way. 
           The second section, the display stand, is built to look like the nautilus's deep sea habitat, with little plant life and just a few small fish for animal life. The clear supports that hold up the nautilus are on a turntable, so the nautilus can be moved around the stand. 
           I think that this would make a great set because it is accurate, and I built it for fun.
(The set has a total of 1,233 pieces.)

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