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Express Delivery Logistic Center


I think this Express Delivery Logistic Center could be a very good addition to any city built of LEGO® bricks. The minifigs should have the opportunity to use a fast courier service for sending or receiving goods and documents, as in real life.

The model contains three minifigs – a girl dispatcher, a loading worker and a driver.

Inside the office there are two lockers for documents and letters and on the loading ramp there are five boxes for packages and merchandise.

The loading ramp is raised at the level of the van back doors for easy loading and unloading. There are two loading places so a second van can be easy added.

The van is four studs wide first because I am a Classic Town nostalgic J and second as to move fast in traffic and in the narrow places. Even it is small, there can be loaded three boxes and many letters inside.

I hope you will like this work.

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