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N-1 Moon Rocket


In the late 1960's the Soviet Union was up against the United States in the Space Race. The goal was land a human being on the Moon, a tremendous and seemingly impossible task. While the Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft were the vehicles that secured America as the winner. But the Saturn V's Soviet equivalent was just as astonishing and just as powerful: the N-1 rocket. The N-1 was plagued with setbacks from the begining. The United States was able to build more powerful rocket engines, by Soviet engineers didn't have the correct metal alloys to produce such engines. The solution was a seemingly simple one: collect 30 small engines together in the first stage. Four stages followed the first, containing 14 more engines in all. This was followed by the crew capsule (a modified Soyuz spacecraft) and the Soviet equivalent of the Lunar Landing, the LK. Two humans would travel to the moon on the Soyuz, then one of them would travel down to surface aboard the LK. That was the plan, but unfourtunatly all four N-1 rocket launches failed, one of which completely destroyed the launch facility. 

This LEGO N-1 Moon Rocket contains six separable stages, each with rocket nozzles, and the unusual gantry between the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd stages. Contains 203 bricks, mostly in olive green and white glow.

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