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Space Battle Ride


Space battle Ride is inspired by a flat rides which was very popular at amusement parks and carnivals. The fact that it does not depend on complex hydraulic systems made it, in real life, very reliable and simple to maintain, and when it comes to LEGO creations these factors make this ride relatively feasible. 

This creation tries to recreate this ride, the only major difference to the real on was the use of wire that actually would have been fixations of metal with ball joint at their ends, but in the absence of specific LEGO parts I had to improvise always trying to maintain an aesthetic clear and functional.

In technical terms the rotation is made using a motor M which rotates the rockets and the UFO at different speeds so that this way the tilt movement takes place in different angles and not always in the same place. The tilting movement is simply accomplished through the use of an eccentric shaft, which is perfect because it maintains all balanced never forcing the motor.

Regarding thematic I chose to represent a space battle between rockets and UFO, but the change of theme is extremely easy because all elements are easily changeable.

You can see this ride in action here:

Hope you like this ride and if so, feel free to check out my other rides on my profile.


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