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The Vorpent Sting


I first designed the Vorpent Sting for the moments in space contest. Now I have scaled up the Vorpent Sting to fit the baby figs. I designed the model on LDD and rendered the images on Starting in the front the Vorpent Sting has a removable windshield and roof. On the side is a ball joint that can be either the ion cannons or land mode legs. Inside the ship is the light reflector core and room for the baby figs. Moving down the ship I built the "tail" using ball joints and is extremely possible.


The Vorpent Sting was commissioned by Gammron galactic fleet in the year 2468. They commissioned the ship because the needed a fast-maneuverable ship that can also take a great deal of damage. This one is in Gold and black color scheme which represents the attack addition of the Vorpent Sting.



Speed: remarkably fast, 5 times the speed of light.

Weapons: High, dull icon side cannons.

Defenses: moderate, can take several hits from Jupiter class weapons.

Fear, and fight factor: moderate, usually attacks in groups but still accomplishes missions on its own.

Part count: 556 pieces

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