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Classic Car


This classic car, even old, is still a great vehicle to use, especially in the city area. ( if you want to see a short video animation of this classic car, you can access this link:


At the front are: two lights, a registration number, an old style radiator and a light grey stud that represents the mark of this car.

The sides are identical and include: side view mirrors and doors that, unfortunately, can not open. For having a better look inside the cabin, the roof can easily remove. In the cabin are:

  • two seats for passengers ( the driver and another passenger );
  • a steering wheel ( the steering wheel is on the right, because it is a car from England );
  • and a lever for changing the speeds of the car.

Finally, at the back of the vehicle are: two red lights, the same registration number and a trunk that can open. There is enough space in the trunk for putting two suitcases.

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