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Szekler Gate (Székelykapu)

BREAKING NEWS: The Szekler Gate has become a Hungaricum like Chimney Cake.

Who hasn't heard of Transylvania, a region of misty, high mountains where the famous vampire Dracula lived? I think a lot of people have.

But the true face of Transylvania could not be more different from the image of the region in Hollywood films. That's why I've set out to give a little taste by using LEGO for those who want to discover the region's unique world, steeped in tradition.

In the eastern part of Transylvania, a truly stubborn and traditional group of people, the Szekler people, have been living for centuries. And my LEGO creation is a tribute to them, as many people believe that these gates are symbols of the Szekler people, made of ephemeral materials that have defied the passage of time.

The uniqueness of this gate lies not only in its ornamentation, but also in the many beliefs of the people, as each motive and decorative element has its own meaning. There is no Székely gate without the sun or the six-petalled sunflower (Rosetta) on it. Another symbol is the rotating rose, of which there are usually two on the gates. One symbolises the man and the other the woman. On the gate are tulips, reflecting femininity and love. These symbols are varied on this piece, giving it a unique look.

The main theme is the gate, which can be assembled from less than 1000 pieces.

So, if you are interested in preserving traditions, or if you want to get to know the true face of Transylvania, or if you just like my work, please support me with a vote. Be sure to tell your friends to support too.

Thank you!

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