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IMOCA - 60 Feet Offshore Sailboat

Welcome aboard the IMOCA ⛵ ! 

The IMOCA (International Monohull Open Class Association), has left an indelible mark on the history of ocean racing. 
These cutting-edge boats are designed to face the most formidable seas 🌊, featuring characteristics such as sleek hulls, towering masts, and sophisticated steering systems. 
This boats are renowned for epic races 🏁 like the Vendée Globe, Ocean Race, Route du Rhum, Transat Jacques Vabre...

This striking model encapsulates the spirit and power of IMOCA boats used in solo round-the-world races. 
With meticulous attention to detail, this model offers an immersive experience of high-sea sailing.
Beyond being a stunning display piece, this set would offer an engaging and educational building experience, showcasing the engineering and design of IMOCA boats.

The model features a design faithful to the clean lines and aerodynamics of IMOCAs, with a tapering hull, imposing mast and realistic details like solar panels ⚓.
The IMOCA is the perfect minifigure scale, enabling our brick sailors to conquer imaginary oceans with style and precision. 📏
  • length: 44.7 cm
  • width: 14.3 cm
  • keel: 11 cm
  • mast: 70.9 cm
Scale 1:40

This model is built with 2998 LEGO parts.

Sails are adjustable to simulate different sailing states ⛯, and the rudder can be maneuvered to give the impression that the boat is tacking or changing course.The rudders can be raised to allow the boat to sail faster when heeling. The keel can also be tilted.
⚠️ Please note that the model does not float.

Modular construction allows for a captivating step-by-step building experience 🧱, recreating every detail of this iconic ship and making the set more fun.

The boat's interior features a miniature cabin with navigation instruments 🗺️, space for the solo sailor, and even a bed for short naps during long solo crossings.

The model comes with additional accessories 🧰, such as storage boxes, two extra sails, an electric battery, a tool box, a bucket, a bottle, a helmet, a life jacket.

A mini skipper figure dressed for racing !

Thank you ! May the winds always be with you, and may your days be filled with adventures as vast as the ocean itself ! 👋


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