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Nano spaceship fleet

This is a spaceship fleet belonging to the people of Nova 6, a planet that got targeted by intergalactic pirates. There are 15 ships overall, 
8 of them are escorters
3 of them are cargo ships
there are 2 stealth bombers 
there's an extra habitation ship
and last of all a mother ship, home to the large command block and some habitation modules. The astronaut in the last picture is Captain Volt giving orders to his army from the command room in the Mother ship.

I built this as an original entry for an activity but I forgot to submit it on time so I made some minor (and major) adjustments to the fleet and decided to submit it as a product idea. I 've mainly used white and tan bricks for this project but the odd blue does tend to appear, now let me tell you a bit of this model's history. One day, a band of sneaky intergalactic pirates invaded Nova 6 and a great battle broke out, the Noveniens were out numbered ten to one but they still fought back. After 6 decades of fighting, the pirates slowly piece by piece, took over the planet, forcing the Noveniens to refuge in their spaceships. At that time, there were probably only around 5 thousand soldiers left but year after year, their community began to thrive, wishing someday they could defeat these monstrous pirates....

I think this would make a great lego set because it looks very realistic and detailed even though it's a micro scale model it's also quite fun to play with, as you can set them into positions. I think that the way I used a lot of wacky-looking pieces make it seem futuristic. 

keep building,

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