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Lady and the Tramp - Bella Notte

"So it is to all dogs - be they Ladies or Tramps... "
Just like the classic Disney movie says at the beginning of the story.

Everybody wants to experience a magical night when you know that you love this exceptional person,
and this person feels the same for you.
You want to give your heart to the special one and live forever on this unique, beautiful night.
In Italian, it is "Bella Notte".

Tramp takes his new girlfriend, Lady, on a date.
Luckily, he knows a good place in the town: "Tony's Restaurant". Tony really likes Tramp and helps him arrange a romantic dinner.

The scene when two dogs in love are eating pasta is an iconic moment in cinema history. Regardless of age, everybody remembers the picture of Lady and Tramp, and the love of two dogs has survived many decades.

That's why I believe it's an excellent IDEA for the most "doggy" set in the history of LEGO.
Let the scene of two dogs eating pasta and a romantic night, "Bella Notte" live forever.

By creating this unique LEGO set, LEGO will keep Josh Billings's famous words alive:

"In the whole history of the world, there is but one thing that money can not wit the wag of a dog's tail" - Josh Billings.

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