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Snow Cat


This is a model I created recently. It is based and inspired off of a snow groomer like you would find at a Ski resort. The plow folds inward and raises. The grooming piece of the vehicle can fold, roll and split, this is achieved by four different sections of the groomer. The cab and bed can be removed and replaced with a different cab ( not included ). The center axles of the treads are in a mini differential that has a shaft with a gear on it to power something like a snow blower on the back.

This would be a good play model because of course it pushes Lego bricks, but the cab is also easily accessible and will take a beating. It will also make a good display model because it looks really nice on a white background. You can also add your own attachments because both the Plow and the Groomer are easily removable. The design is just a basic chassis with a cab, bed and attachments.

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