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Boom Beach


This is Boom Beach. It is a brick built basic Boom Beach base. I have included Many of the main things that you would need on a boom beach base. 

Headquarters; the headquarters includes a door on the front of the building and a big radar on top of the base.

Hero Hut; the hero hut includes another door on the front, a green roof and a flag.

Stone Vault; the stone vault has a lockable door on the top.

Rocket Launcher; the rocket launcher has six big rockets on the front, I have used a stud shooter for the top of the rocket launcher.

Machine Gun; the machine gun is a lower level than most of the other stuff in the base and includes a stand.

Sniper Tower; the sniper tower is supposed to be level 22 and has a laser on the top.

Doom Cannon; this is the only special weapon on the base and probably the strongest.

Flamethrower; the flamethrower has a rotatable base and has two big flames on the front.

Mortar; the mortar is only about four studs tall.

Boom Cannon; the boom cannon uses a technic connecter for the shooter.

Gun Boat; the gunboat has rockets and bombs equipped on it.

Troop Boat; the troop boats can hold two troops each.

Hero Boat; the Hero Boat holds one Hero.

Mines; there are ten mines around the base.

Troops; the troops are all rifle men for now.

Landing; the landing is where all the boats dock before attack.

I think that if this becomes a set it would be very playable and displayable. Also, if your a fan of  Boom Beach than comment your favorite troop and hero in the comment section. The most mentioned ( other than riflemen ) of one troop and hero will be added in an update ( mine is Zookas and Dr. Kavan.

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