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Modular Soundbar


The modular soundbar! (Please read my profile bio)

Welcom to the modular Soundbar where proper music is made and then celebrated at the juice only bar. Yes thats right only juice!

There are three floors to this building (not including the roof). the first floor is the reception.

In the reception is a receptionists desk with a copmuter and keyboard. At the bottom left of front of the desk is a magazing holder. Also in the reception is a vending machine and a coffee table with a few magazinges on top of.

Moving to the second floor now! The recording studio. the studio itself includes a drumkit, a piano, a stand for guitars and a couple of microphones. On the oustide of the studio is a recording desk with a few recording machines too.

The third floor as you already know is the bar that only server juices. Aswell as the bar there is the dance floor and a dj kit with a couple of speakers.

Included in the set are eight minifigures and a car. Four of the figures are the band, the other four is the staff however the guy you see in the pictures for the recording studio is the recorder but he is also the manager of the band i just thought i would include him as the staff. There is also a Dj, a bar tender and a receptionist.

Just a note: if you have seen this project on ideas before then please read my profile bio as that explains why!


Thank you to everybody who supports the soundbar. If you likethis check out my other projects!

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