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Johnny Cash Concert

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This is my first actual submission and I hope it's a good one. It is essentially an old-fashioned concert stage with the famous Johnny Cash at the microphone. I was unable to make an old looking microphone, but the one here will do its purpose. The minifigure has a guitar in his hands in a ready-to-play position. I made the set to look as if the curtains on the back were closed. There are stage lights on the front and back of the set, as well as pointing at the singer. I built this project because I am a huge Johnny Cash fan. I liked the idea of having a portable little stage that also allows you to place a smartphone in the base and play songs. I think it would be a great LEGO set because it allows you to interact and combine your legos with another thing people love: music! It could be a good way for people to use their collection and make their own lego band to play on the stage! I hope all you music fans enjoy!

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