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Star Wars Constructable Collectible Astromech Droids

This proposal is for a collectible series of Star Wars Astromech Droid construction kits based on the protoype model pictured below (around 50 LEGO pieces).

The prototype is pieced together from the 4x4 hemisphere in LEGO set 10215, unmodified LEGO elements, and a customized sticker for the body graphics.

The printed 4x4 hemisphere is currently only produced in one color, dark red; and there are LEGO pieces used in the prototype that are available in very few colors.

This project proposes that the 4x4 printed hemisphere in LEGO set 10215 be reproduced with a larger variety of color combinations, e.g. blue printing on a medium stone grey piece to portray R2-D2. Also, this project proposes that the elements used in the prototype construction be produced by LEGO in a wider variety of colors.

The custom sticker is the height of three bricks, and can be easily printed in many color combinations. Ideally, this sticker would be a vinyl static-cling decoration, removable and re-usable.

This project also proposes that an R4 model, with a conical head, be produced with either a printed piece or stickers for detail.

Please support this project and help get these elements produced by LEGO, which will ensure a high-quality product.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to recreate your favorite droid or custom make an Astromech mascot for yourself in your favorite color combination?

For a suggested parts list, visit FBTB or Eurobricks:

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