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Iq Squares Puzzle


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IQ squares puzzle is my favourite puzzle game. I want to build it in LEGO so that all people can build it, play it, and love it.

What is IQ Squares puzzle?
IQ Squares puzzle consists of 16 square pieces. Each edge of each piece contains half of an image. It is similar to Scramble Squares puzzle which was created and marketed by B.Dazzle, Inc. (

How to play?
A solution is obtained when the 16 pieces are arranged in a 4X4 grid, so that the adjacent half images on adjacent pieces together create a complete image. Although it only 16 square pieces, it is perhaps the world’s most challenging puzzle.

What's more?
There are many different ways to arrange the pieces in an attempt to solve a IQ Squares puzzle. There are 16 different positions in the 4×4 grid and therefore 16! different ways to place the pieces into the grid, assuming that the pieces are pairwise distinct. Once the pieces have been placed, there are 4 different orientations for each piece. This means that there are a total of 4^16 × 16! different arrangements of the
pieces. If exactly one configuration yields a valid solution, this means that the probability of finding this solution by laying the pieces on the grid at random is 1/898 626 983 100 395 028 4800 0 (~0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 01).

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