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Chōdenji Machine Voltes V


Voltes V (ボルテスV) is a Japanese anime television series which first aired on TV Asahi on June 4, 1977. It was created by Saburo Yatsude (a pseudonym referring to a committee within Toei Company) and directed by Tadao Nagahama. Voltes V is the second part of the Robot Romance Trilogy of the Super Robot genre which includes Chōdenji Robo Combattler V and Tōshō Daimos. Like Combattler V, the series was animated by Sunrise and produced by Toei Company.

The Set

The set comes with 5 vehicles that were designed based on the Volt Machines as seen in the show. They can be played with individually or combined to form a 16 inch replica of Voltes V.

1) Crewzer (Piloted by Steve Armstrong) - Red ship that makes up the head
2) Bomber (Piloted by Mark Gordon) - Forms the arms
3) Panzer (Piloted by "Big Bert" Armstrong) - Tank-like vehicle that forms the torso
4) Frigate (Piloted by "Little" John Armstrong) - Forms the legs
5) Lander (Piloted by Jaime Robinson) - Forms the feet

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