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The Greenhouse


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Welcome to the fabulous Greenhouse!

This project is dedicated to all who like healthy activities or just miss gardens and landscapes in Lego stores. This set would perfectly fit to Lego City or to the Creator line. It represents a little noble Greenhouse, which is farmed by a friendly old lady. Sometimes there are also her grandson and her son-in-law around. With this set you would get loads of great transparent pieces, golden parts, plants, flowers, round tiles, tools, flower pots, animals,...


  • swing-open the Greenhouse to reveal the inside
  • use the hosepipe inside of the Greenhouse
  • explore and take care of the different plants inside the Greenhouse
  • swing-open the rooflights
  • use the well, cut the grass, play with animals
  • pick an apple of the apple tree
  • research botany and raise plants
  • win an award for the most beautiful cultured orchid


  • Old Lady
  • Son-in-law
  • Grandson
  • 2 frogs
  • cat
  • crow

I hope you enjoy this creation!

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