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Let's Play Tennis

My lego idea is designed to promote the game of tennis in adults and our youth.

The clubhouse is modeled after my community tennis center which is home to Tennis Central programs. Tennis Central is a non profit organization that combines tennis and education to change lives.

The tennis facility is staffed by the tennis director and four tennis coaches. The staff is responsible for organizing events, stocking the store, running clinics and giving tennis lessons. I have included seven Minifigures in the set. These figures represent the five facility staff members and two youths.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set. The set is extremely playable. All minifigures are welcome. Mini figures can rest, relax and enjoy a beverage on the deck or patio. Don't forget to turn on the outdoor heaters! They can also shop in the pro shop, workout in the gym or get some work done in the office.

The court can be attached either vertically or horizontally. It can be used to teach tennis basics such as positioning on the court or demonstrate what participation in a clinic might look like. Minifigures may also simply enjoy a good match.

The clubhouse can be used as a stand alone gym/sports store which fits nicely into any Lego community.

I designed this build to be educational and entertaining. Hopefully I will inspire more people to get out and play.

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